The growing season is off to a good start at our vineyard in Blewitt Springs, McLaren Vale. Lots of even growth is being pushed on by the rain and recent warm weather which is great to see.

Over the past few weeks, we have planted 300 native plants throughout the vineyard to support the natural biodiversity in the vineyard. 70 Creeping Saltbush were planted along the end of the rows to reduce erosion risk, 100 Nobby Club Rush planted along creek lines, and 40 ‘running postman’ have been planted under vine in the young Grenache vines. We’re testing this novel ground cover under our young Grenache as they should encourage predatory insects and fix nitrogen for the vines.

The spotted ladybirds in the vineyards are also a good sign as the ladybirds are friendly predators that eat pests like aphids and scales, which means we don’t have to use insecticides - this all supports our sustainable farming practices.

Thanks to our Viticulturist, Alex Sas for the images and vineyard update

October 27, 2022 — Penny Lamb

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